Be stylish while doing what you love

Michele Ellis

Welcome to the new ZZR Styles. We are an online retail store for ZZR Show Horses. 

ZZR Styles believes you be trendy and still be with your passion working with your horse. We scour the market looking for items you can wear out to dinner and to the barn. 

Why the equine industry?

Michele noticed it was getting more difficult to find basic items that looked nice but still comfortable to wear to the barn. It was either too flowy, too short (think crop tops), or pant suites. Michele wanted something a little more versatile. 


Why isn't it all horse related? 

We love horses. But do we really all want to wear everything with a horse? You will see horse graphics from time to time but we want to be more versatile, not all equine related. (We can have more fun items this way.)


Is this USA products?

We try to stay locally based with products created in the USA. 


We look forward to our new adventure with you and moving ahead. Stop by regularly to see what we have to offer. 

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